Meaning Of Right To Life

The Supreme Court said that life is not restricted to the mere animal existence of a person. It means something more..

Meaning Of Personal Liberty

Personal libertymeans a personal right not to be subjected to imprisonment, arrest or other physical coercion in any manner that does not admit of legal justification.


Law in Article 21 must mean the law of the State or enacted law, and not rules of natural justice.” Patanjali Sastri J. “Law inArt. 21 means positive or State-made law.” Minority Opinion- Fazl Ali J. “Law must include certain principles of natural justice.”

How To Prevent Your Two-wheeler From Premature Rusting And Discolouration

For example, if you live close to the Sea, the moist air which carries traces of salt with it will nibble at all things made of metal and speed up the process of rusting. The same holds true if you live someplace where it rains too much. On the other hand, the harsh Sun will easily take away the sheen of the paint and make your two-wheeler look pale. How do you shield your two-wheeler against this atmospheric attack then? It’s rather simple if you ask us, all you have to do is follow some basics and not be careless.
Preventing Rust

Moisture isn’t good for metal. It leads to rusting, which like an infection, seeds in a small area and then spreads to other places. Like an invisible force, it slowly eats into the solidity of metal, making it hollow with time. This reaction is particularly dangerous as it can cause a vital component to become weak or even disintegrate, eventually affecting the road worthiness of your two-wheeler.

For those who live closer to the sea, the components of your two-wheeler are at a constant risk, even when it’s not raining. In such areas, it is essential that you keep the bike clean and dry as much as you can. After every wash, ensure that even the tiniest amount of moisture is either blown dry or wiped away. Pay close attention to areas which are hard to reach along with all bolting points.

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Keep the chain lubricated at all times as it is one the first components to attract rust. Other places where the phenomenon occurs usually is the area near the clamps which keep the handlebar in place, parts of the frame which are close to the wheel, the fuel tank and its lid in particular and the rear swingarm. Do not leave a dirty vehicle unattended for too long as you will find spots of rust already once you decide to hose it down. It is a good idea to coat your two-wheeler with an anti-rust treatment and keeping it under a ventilated, good quality cover when it won’t be used as frequently.

During the times when it rains, it is natural for the grime on the road to be transferred to your two-wheeler. But if you are too welcoming and let it stay for long, the mud and dirt will harden and trap all the moisture under it, accelerating the process of rusting many folds. Hose down your bike as quickly as you can after a ride in the rains, before ensuring you blow dry all the moisture too. Post that, make sure all exposed components which require lubrication get their fill.

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